Raila Furious About Reports That Police Shot At Winnie Odinga’s Car

The leader of Azimio, Raila Odinga, has denounced an alleged shooting attack on his daughter Winnie during the protests on Monday.

The leader of the opposition posted images of what seemed to be a gunshot hole on the car on his Twitter page, saying that the car was shot at by police.

“My daughter Winnie has always been the target of hate from this illegitimate dictatorship, and today they lost no time in destroying her vehicle,” Raila added.

Winnie was a member of Raila’s entourage when he traveled through Nairobi and the surrounding areas to denounce alleged Kenya Kwanza abuses. No of the level of intimidation, according to Raila, they won’t give up trying to hold the William Ruto administration responsible.

“We should not put up with such despicable behavior, but we won’t be scared. Ruto and his crew ought to feel bad about themselves “said he.

Before, Raila had stated that anti-Ruto demonstrations will take place every Monday.


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