Raila’s Vehicle Hit By Bullet – Makau Mutua

A bullet struck the vehicle that was carrying ODM leader Raila Odinga, according to Azimio la Umoja spokesman Makau Mutua.

In the same car, Mutua was also reportedly shot at. Mutua uploaded pictures of a severely cracked windscreen in a tweet on Monday, criticizing the police for the events.

He declared, “Baba Raila Odinga is riding in our vehicle and it has been struck by a gunshot. nAccess to the KICC and the entire Central Business District, where Raila Odinga planned to meet with his supporters, was denied to him and his entourage.

While they were leaving Serena’s venue, they encountered tear gas and water cannons. Since police blocked most roads, this led them to try other methods to get to the CBD. The convoy drove down Juja Road.

More to follow…


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