“All Mt.Kenya Leaders Surrounding Raila Were Conmen”- Rigathi Gachagua

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has now claimed that Mt Kenya leaders who supported opposition leader Raila Odinga during August 9, 2022, election were all conmen.

Gachagua made the remarks in Siaya on Saturday, January 14, 2023, when he recounted how he had cautioned Siaya Governor James Orengo that the aforementioned leaders were only clinging to Raila for their own malicious interests and not to deliver votes as they had claimed.

“I told Orengo that all those Mt Kenya leaders around Raila were conmen. I knew they would lie to him and squander his money yet there was nothing he would get out of it,”Rigathi remarked.

He however harshly called out the Mt.Kenya leaders, stating that it was wrong for them to string Raila along knowing clearly they would not deliver the expected votes for him to win.

“It was wrong to promise the old man that he would get votes when there were none; All those who lied to the old man that they would give him votes will never know peace in their lives. It is wrong and we want to do away with deceptive politics, ” Gachagua stated.

Gachagua and his boss President William Ruto were in Siaya county to conclude their 2-day tour of the Luo Nyanza region.


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