A Friend Gifts Justina Syokau with Land Cruiser V8 Car on Birthday

Kenya’s renowned female gospel artist going by the name Justina Syokau, now joins the global team owning a Land Cruiser V8 car.

The Kamba musician who is also the ‘twendi twendi thili’ hitmaker, had a birthday celebration attended by her esteemed friends and was at the peak of her excitement, as displayed in a video shared on her Instagram page.

The unveiling of the millions of money surprising gift started when one of the guys who attended the party, disrupted the event by openly announcing that he had a surprise gift for the singer.

Upon being given a room, the gentleman asked Syokau to ensure her eyelids are closed, not to allow even a thin ray of light inside.

Thereafter, the popular musician was lead slowly into the car parking space where she was finally left in agape. She didn’t believe her eyes.

She couldn’t hold her joy as streams of tears kept flowing down her beautiful browny face.

Justina later shared a clip of the event on her Instagram page, captioning in bold lines.

She wrote, “BIRTHDAY GIFT WORTH MILLIONS Watch whole video YouTube MWAKA WA KUPANULIWA MIPAKA Happy birthday to me.”

Funnily, her fans takes her for being a habitual clout chaser. As a result, majority believe that the singer is faking everything to get attention from media users.

Below are a few comments that fans penned down under the video clip of Justina Syokau’s birthday coverage:

“Fake it till it happens.”

“Justina syokau did pay someone bring car.”

“It’s veeree hard to trust her….. so let us just enjoy the show for passing time sake!”


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