Ruto Encourages GSU Graduates To Collaborate With Their Colleagues

The 991 General Service Unit officers’ passing out procession was overseen by President William Ruto on Thursday. They were asked by Ruto to cooperate in order to increase national security.

He remarked, “You will join your colleagues in the lofty calling of service after today’s graduation, all in keeping with the police slogan, Utimishi kwa wote.

According to Ruto, the GSU officers would now be a part of the nation’s 110,000 police. The President also exhorted them to look out for one another. The event was held on the NPC Embakasi B campus. The recruits had gone through rigorous training over the previous nine months. This is the third graduating class this week to be presided over by the President. According to Ruto, this brings the total number of officers who have graduated to 5,867.

“In the last three days, 5,867 people graduated. You will now work alongside others to maintain law and order “He stated.


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