Abduction Trick By Form Four Student To Parent Goes Sour

A Migori County Student, Joseph Odhiambo who is 22 years old made money tricks to his single mother only to hit the wall so thunderously.

It is reported that Odhiambo allegedly kidnapped himself and made several calls to his mother demanding for KSh 20,000 ransom fee.He went on to send several text messages to the mother, claiming his life was in danger if she failed to pay the demanded cash.

On Thursday, January 5, Odhiambo called his mother Grace Odhiambo, claiming that he had been abducted by unknown people.

Police officers in Awendo, Migori county are already holding the form four student from Kamunda Secondary School for faking his abduction.

After the mother failed to send the money, despite her son missing for four days, Odhiambo decided to return home on January 9, clad in blood-stained clothes. His furious mother frog-marched him to Awendo police station after admitting that his alleged kidnapping was nothing but a trick.

In his confession at Awendo police station, Odhiambo disclosed that he had bought blood from a local butchery and sprinkled it on his clothes to make his mother believe he had been harmed by abductors.

He alo said that on the night of January 5, he slept in a maize plantation. On January 6 and 7, he spent his nights in an incomplete building at Ranen. On Sunday, January 8, he slept at his friend’s house before embarking on a return-home journey, after it became apparent that his single mother won’t raise the ransom fee.


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