“If You Don’t Gift Your Wife, Somebody Else Will”-Dola Kabarry

Dola Kabarry surprised his wife Connie with a new model of Harrier to celebrate her birthday.

In a romantic gesture ,the Sela mama hit maker went on his knees to hand his lovely wife the car keys as seen in a video shared on Facebook by Connie. She said it was her favorite car.

Days After surprising his wife with the car,the Luo Musician Dola Kabarry has advised men to do the same to prevent their wives from cheating.

The musician said that women loves gifts and their husbands surprising them will prevent them from being carried away by any potential lover trying to surprise them also.

“Women love surprises and they are the ones who encourage men to work hard and achieve all these things. Men should surprise their women; if you don’t somebody else (mpango wa kando) will come in and outdo you. If you keep surprising your wife she won’t even cheat on you,” he said.

Dola Kabarry added that gifts don’t have to be expensive but the virtue of doing make women happy and more loving towards their husbands because it shows them that indeed you are thinking about them.


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