Break Up Or No Break Up-Tyler Mbaya And Georgina Njenga

Famous Machachari actor Tyler Mbaya popularly known as Baha ,and his girlfriend Georgina Njenga have now become the talk of town after leaking break up information.

The young celebrity couple’s alleged break-up comes just a few months after they welcome their bundle of joy named Astra Nyambura.

Georgina last night posted via her Instagram story to announce that they’re no longer together with her boyfriend due to unsolvable issues.

People dismissed Georgina’s claims saying that the sentiments might be clout.

However,moments later Georgina deleted the post only to wake up today and say that it was just a truth and dare game with her friends.

From Tyler Mbaya’s end, things seem to be cool as he has not shared any sentiments over the latter. Their photos remain intact on their social media. And they still follow each other.


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