Diamond Platnumz’s Mum Calls Him Out For Not Recognizing His Two Other Kids

Singer Diamond Platnumz has brought up issues with his family members after failing to acknowledge to his two kids with Zari that they have other two siblings.

In a video that has stirred mixed reactions from people,Diamond and his South Africa based baby mother Zari Hassan were given the assignment of explaining their breakup by their children Tiffah and Nillan.

In the video their daughter Tiffah asked Diamond whether he has other kids while saying that their mother tole them that he had sired other kids outside their union and that is why they broke up.

Platnumz failed to confirm to Tiffah and Nillan that indeed he had two other kids convincing them that what they see is just video songs.

The act saw Diamond’s mother Sandra Dangote and Esma Platnumz to join the conversation,accusing him of failing his kids by not being proud of his two other kids adding that it could have been important if the singer confirmed to Tiffah and Nillan that the accusations raised by their mother are indeed true.

“Umewakosea watoto ulitakiwa uwaambie kuna Tom Kaka pia ndugu yao ili wajenge mapenzi tangu wakiwa wadogo kama vipi wakutane nae pia…(You have wronged the kids you were supposed to tell them about the other kids for them to start establishing good relationships from childhood)” Esma said.

Diamond’s mother Dangote praised her daughter for putting across a very valid point.

“Kumbe siku nyingine unakuwa na akili na kwanini pacha wake walie fanana mwezi mpaka tarehe hajawatajia ndugu ya Naseeb hapo hujatenda hakic itabidii tuandamane kwa Tom Kaka (Naseeb Junior),” mama Dangote wrote


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