Akothee Announces Wedding Date Weeks After a Successful Bride Price Negotiation

Kenya’s musician Akothee formally known as Esther Akoth has announced to her fans that her wedding shall take place in barely one month time.

Taking to her Instagram a short video, Akothee could not hide her pride as she showed off to her fans the venue in which she expects to match on sooner.

Photo| Courtesy: Akothee’s Reveals Venue Preference of her fiance

Going by the captions on the videos, the dubbed president of single mothers revealed that she was doing inspection over the place hoping that her white husband ‘Omosh’ will be more than delighted to tie the knot with her at the place.

She specified on 10th April 2023, as the chosen date of exchanging vows and rings.

She Wrote:

“I can’t wait honey.”

Photo|Courtesy: Akothee’s Instagram Story

Earlier this month of March, the family from her boyfriend paid a visit to Akothee’s parents for bride price negotiations and the traditional wedding; all that went successful.

The negotiations took place at Akothee’s Migori home and it was all tears of joy for Akothee after having unstable past relationships.

It all started in 2022 July when Akothee’s beauty surely blinded Omosh’s from ever seeing another lady.

Three months later, words and expressions from both parties turned into a fruit of ‘I can never do without you’ and the result saw the duo engaged.

Being a long awaited moment from both the physical and virtual in-laws, we wish Akothee very pleasant and enjoyable journey as they look forward to pursuing couple goals together.


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