Caroline Mutoko: I’m Currently Earning More Than I Used To While On Radio.

Former radio presenter and digital marketer, Caroline Mutoko, has expressed her life after quitting radio job.

Speaking in an interview with Daily Nation, Mutoko stated that she is currently earning more money in the digital marketing than she used to when she was a radio presenter.

“I have been very fortunate and blessed. I’m in the digital marketing space. I always knew that there was a world beyond the mic, and I guess this is it. I am a great story teller, and I’m using that to make a living. I’m glad that I make a lot more money than I did when I was in radio,” she noted.

Mutoko added that the transition has been good and rewarding to her as she doesn’t have to wake up at 4:00 a.m as she used to when working in radio.

” So far, the transition has been good and rewarding. I have taken time to reflect and put things into perspective. I like that I am still doing well without having to wake up at 4am,” the media personality said.

Mutoko worked as a radio presenter for 18½ years before quitting nine years ago.

She worked in Capital FM for four and a half years before joining Kiss FM for 14 years where she ended her radio personality career.

When asked if she ever regrets leaving the job, she responded “No” adding that if she wanted radio job she would just start her own podcast.

“No. I gave my best at Kiss FM for 14 years and at Capital FM for four and a half years. It has been nine years since I left, and I am glad I did it. And to be honest, if I wanted a radio experience, I would start a podcast. A podcast is the modern radio. If I’m podcasting and the cameras are rolling, I’ve got a fantastic meeting with my audience,” she stated.

Additionally, Mutoko opted to quit radio job and leave it to the coming generation despite joining the category of highest paid presenters in Kenya.

From the time the media personality quit radio job, she has been working as a digital marketer where she has worked with brands like Tecno, Safaricom, Dubai Tourism, L’Oreal and Netflix.

“A part from Tecno, I have worked with top brands such as Safaricom, Dubai Tourism, L’Oreal and Netflix,” she indicated.

On mentoring other media personalities, Mutoko said that she mentored quite a number of them like Nyambane, Jalas, Larry Madowo, Shaffie Weru, Sanaipei Tande and DNG.

“When I look at the people I have nurtured, like Nyambane, Jalang’o, Larry Madowo, Shaffie Weru, Sanaipei Tande and DNG, I feel vindicated. I feel proud that I pushed them hard. I push people to want more, do more, and seek more. Among those I have worked with, Jalang’o and Chipukeezy were the two hungriest people. They wanted more, and were willing to put in the time and effort.”


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