Singer Kambua Mathu Narrates Worst Betrayal of Her life

Kenya’s Gospel artist going by the name Kambua Mathu has sparkled her fan base, after opening up about a betrayal experience that she once encountered from her closest friend.

Taking to her Instagram page a long narration, the singer, famously known for hosting the ‘Kubamba’ show, told her followers that those moments stand out to be her worst ever in life.

“About a decade ago I experienced betrayal that at the time felt so deep, I couldn’t wrap my mind around it. I would go into prayer about it and just cry cry cry,” she noted.

While further making good use of her keyboard, the renowned award-winning gospel star described that how confused she was after the friendship she invested huge investment of trust suddenly turned strangely misaligned.

She wrote further, “the friendships I’d held dear suddenly felt strangely misaligned, unsafe, and belligerent. It felt like a forever season with no end in sight.”

However, Kambua who got married in 2012 to her longtime boyfriend Pastor Jackson Mathu, narrated that she decided to make peace of mind by herself by shaking off the burden of not being able to forgive herself.

She admitted in her narration that she struggled to learn to forgive herself but sooner than she eventually made peace with herself, she noted that she found her grace to even forgive her betrayer.

“It was in that season that the spirit of God began to strongly convict me about harboring unforgiveness. I knew that as much as I put on a brave front, I wasn’t truly free and would not attain healing as long as I let bitterness find a home in my heart. It started a deep dive of reflection, release, and repentance over and over until one day I realized I no longer felt nauseous when I pondered over all that had happened. God by his grace helped me to forgive, even to an extent of ministering to the said individuals years down the line.” Read in the long narration.

Interestingly, she didn’t reveal who the betrayer was. Conclusively, she implored her followers to begin this new year 2023 in righteousness.


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