“If Music Has Failed,Find A Job”-Anerlisa Tells Off Ex-husband Ben Pol

Well,it seems that the Kenyan entrepreneur Anerlisa Muigai has decided to stream warnings to Ben Pol in a series of daily episodes,each new day coming with more harshness.

Anerlisa has today shared a message meant to completely stop the Tanzanian Singer from pursuing her.

Sharing on social media, Anerlisa branded Ben pol’s recent explosive interview as clout to help him stay relevant in the industry after his career as a musician was hit by multiple hurdles. She said she has moved on and did not see a reason as to why her ex husband would still be dragging her name in his affairs.

“After a long calculation and deep thinking, I have seen no need to do an interview to answer Ben Pol about my previous relationship with him. I realized it’s not really worth my time to talk about it because right now I’m better than that,” she wrote.

She added this; “But just to remind Ben, it’s been two years now since we broke up. I am not your wife and it is also clear that I cannot be your friend. Move forward with your life and stop thinking that we will get back together. It can’t happen. You know very well that if I decide to do an interview to make things clear, I don’t know where you will hide your face.”

Anerlisa added that she cannot allow Ben Pol to keep using her name whenever he wants to put more life to his failed music career telling him that he should try other options like studying or another job if music has failed.

“So to save you from embarrassment, keep any topic about me away from your mouth. My name cannot be used every time you feel irrelevant or want to promote your music. If the music career has failed, find a job or go back to school.”

All these harsh warnings and rage blazing was borne from claims made public by Ben Pol,that he did not enjoy his failed marriage with Anerlisa.


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