Wilbroda Recounts On How She Also Contributed To Her Failed Marriage

Kenyan Actress and radio presenter Jacque Nyaminde popularly known as Wilbroda has taken accountability of her actions that she thinks contributed to her failed marriage.

In an interview with a local publication, the former Papa Shirandula actress said that she now sees how she played a big role in the collapse of her marriage and regrets it.

“I also contributed to the breakup. I think by that time one thing that contributed to our breakup was that I was with my relatives all the time. My sisters were always at my house, I didn’t see a big deal with it until later on after we broke up, he mentioned it to his friend,” she said.

She continued to narrate,“I didn’t see that. Looking at it now I’m like, I contributed to their coming. I went overboard. I enjoyed their company but it cost me”

Wilbroda said it tought her a permanent lesson and that nowadays she no longer entertains visitors unless they come at her invitation.

“I no longer entertain visitors even my relatives. People need their personal space. It’s one of the things. You have to be mentally prepared to have friends over.”

The radio presenter also hinted at anger issues being part of the reason why she could not keep up with her baby daddy saying that he would get extremely furious which really scared her.

“I opted out the moment I noticed how at times he would raise his voice and get angry in an abnormal way,” she said.

The actress wrapped it up by acknowledging that her son and the dad have a good relationship and that it was below her to try and keep them apart.

“My son and his dad are in each other’s lives. Whether he supports me or not, the child is his, give him a chance to see the child. There are also deadbeat mums. So do not deny a child the chance to know the other parent. It’s wrong.”She stated.


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