Raila Threatens To Tell His Supporters To Evade Taxes

Raila Odinga, leader of the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Alliance, has threatened to urge his supporters to cease paying taxes if the Ruto government stifles development in his strongholds.

The former Premier declared on Saturday, October 29 in Seme, Kisumu County, that development projects should be spread evenly across the country.

“It is the responsibility of the national government to carry out certain development initiatives in all of these locations; otherwise, we will urge our people to cease paying taxes.” As a result, we no longer need to go to the national government and beg for development,” Raila explained.

The ODM leader also pleaded with his supporters to be patient as he prepared to reveal the scheme that was employed to prevent him from winning the general elections on August 9.

“We are aware of what took place, and we will soon make it known. Be patient with me, but the day will come when we will put everything to rest even though we are being foolish right now. Raila commented.

Even after the presidential election on August 9 was lost, Raila vowed to keep pursuing democratic improvements. The former premier announced that he would soon enter politics again to carry on the struggle for a better Kenya. Additionally, he urged his followers to accept his election defeat as a normal aspect of life and promised to bounce back stronger and more motivated.

“Never give up. Be resilient since I’m still not exhausted. Should I quit or keep going? When the moment is appropriate, I will offer instructions on the course that we should take. We want to modify things for our people moving forward so that Kenyans can live comfortably. That is the essence of service to the country, he said.

Days after his one-week trip of India, he flew back into the nation and expressed his feelings.


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