Museveni Questions World Bank Loans at IDA Summit

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has questioned the World Bank loans issued to African countries, focusing on their main objectives and targets for African nations.

During the 21st International Development Association Africa Heads of State Summit in Nairobi, Kenya, African leaders discussed the intentions behind World Bank loans and the necessity for reforms. Museveni questioned the focus of these loans, emphasizing the importance of prosperity over profiteering, and called for an audit of the World Bank’s intentions.

“We need to understand the primary implications of World Bank loans because, over the years, they have primarily served as a profitable exercise rather than fulfilling their intended purpose of reforming African countries. Although they claim to be meant for sustainable development, this has not been the case. There is a need for these loans to stimulate the socioeconomic development required for African countries to transform themselves on the continent,” said Museveni.

The summit aimed to delineate priority areas for the World Bank’s focus and to discuss a potential $120 billion IDA replenishment.


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