Andrew Kibe Shows Off His New Mercedes Benz,Trashes Kamene Goro’s Car

Controversial Content Creator Andrew Kibe has finally acquired his new car.

Kibe announced a few weeks ago that he was looking for a car and displayed some of the vehicles he could consider buying.

Through his YouTube channel,Kibe did a video in a car yard showing off different cars and their prices as he evaluated his options.

He finally revealed that he had settled for a grey Mercedez Benz S550. The car is alleged to be costing between Kshs 14.4M to Ksh.18M.

The car seats looked more spacious, comfortable, and most adjustable compared to other car models. The front seats can be adjusted in a variety of ways to suit the needs of the driver and passengers. These seats come with an impressive array of creature comforts, such as a folding table and a refrigerated storage bin.

His number plates are exceptionally captioned; ‘Texas Kifee, Lone Star State.’

However,Kibe obviously could not run away from his usual shading of other Kenyan celebrities.During his visit to the car yard, he trashed Kamene Goro’s campus car.

While car hunting with his friends, they came across a car which they were quick to mention that it resembles the one Kamene had when joining campus.

“If you are leaving high school and your dad has chums, you can get one of these, like Kamene’s when she was joining campus.” Said Kibe.

They went on to talk about how Kamene’s car was a 1990s model.


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