Diana Marua Commends Vera Sidika’s Clout Game

Vera Sidika has received online trolls for the past week after fooling her fans that she had undergone booty surgery and instead released a new song.

Diana Marua ,the heavily pregnant mother of three-to-be, defended Vera’s tactics, promoting her music with a caption on Instagram.

“Give us a show with no apologies, queen . You got them real good #Popstar is . The game can only get better @queenveebosset we here for it ❤️,” she wrote.

Diana’s comment received a warm reply from Vera reading,”Awww thanks so much babe ❤️ @diana_marua patiently waiting for our baby.”

Even in the middle of people calling Vera out for using her body to clout chase for her new song,the unapologetic socialite bashed them for criticising her publicity stunts claiming they were ready for her downfall and that is why they are disappointed and mad.

“Y’all didn’t find it sensitive when people were mocking and laughing at me for having surgery complications. You even joined them and enjoyed it but you find in sensitive that it was for attention. Y’all can kiss my bleached behind,” she said.


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