“Omosh, What Is Depressing You So We Start By Addressing It”-Akothee

Omosh has resurfaced again with the “usual trouble.”

The former Tahidi High actor Joseph Kinuthia alias Omosh has once again appealed to Kenyans to come to his aid,both financially and through work connection.

Boss lady and self proclaimed president of single mothers singer Akothee has come out asking Omosh to start by identifying his own problem for people to establish a lasting solution as she sympathized with his condition, assuring him that many kenyans are going through the same and so he is not alone.

Using her Instagram page, she penned a message asking Kenyans to provide solutions

“Omosh! pole kwa yote unayopitia, hauko peke yako ndugu yangu. 80% of Kenyans are going through worse situations that they don’t even know including mental illness. Omosh do you know 70% of Kenyans can survive on their monthly salaries? People are just putting their heads on top of the water wasizame? At least you you know you are depressed. Omosh what is depressing you so we start by addressing it? Unaona ni vipi tunaweza kukusaidia? Ni wewe utuambie hii story yako tumalize tuendele na maisha ingine.”Akothee went on asking kenyans to help find Omosh’s problem and not to blast her saying,” Guys what’s Omosh problem? I come in peace.”

Omosh’s plea to Kenyans of goodwill to help has elicited mixed reactions. Some have told him to take up any job and stop waiting for help all the time as others called him irresponsible.


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