Raila Odinga Defends The Kenyatta Family Amidst Tax Payment Saga

Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya coalition leader Raila Odinga has called on the Kenya Kwanza administration to stop what he termed as harassment of Kenyatta’s family as he said that most of the tax cheats have camped in Ruto’s Government.

In his speech during his rally at Kamkunji Grounds in Kibra yesterday on Sunday, February 5, Raila refuted claims from a section of Kenya Kwanza leaders that families of former presidents Uhuru Kenyatta and the late Daniel Arap Moi are exempted from paying taxes.

Raila went on to explain the history of the law connected to tax payment by the two families while accusing Ruto and Gachagua of not understanding the aforesaid law. Odinga stated that the Estate Duty Act which exempted the two families from paying “inheritance tax” was abolished in 1982 adding that the abolishment of the law in 1982, exempted everyone in Kenya from paying Estate Duty.

“When Kenya attained independence in 1963 there was a succession law that exempted President Jomo Kenyatta from paying estate duty. When Kenyatta died Moi added his name in 1981 but other Kenyans were paying. But in 1982 parliament passed a law abolishing the law and exempted every Kenyan from paying the tax. Ruto and Gachagua don’t seem to understand the law,” Raila said.

Raila also recounted on the difficulties Mama Ngina Kenyatta had gone through for the independence of this nation and dragging her right now is uncalled for.

“You do not know where Kenya is from. She (Mama Ngina Kenyatta) was arrested and locked up in Kamiti during the struggle for independence. She is in her 80s, why are you insulting her yet she is the age of your grandmother? Leave Mama Ngina Kenyatta alone, leave Uhuru alone ” Raila posed.


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