Eric Omondi Slams Kenyan Gospel Artists, Warns Them to Return to God

Kenya’s award winning comedian Eric Omondi has thrown hot water on gospel artists in the country, insisting that they have turned the industry into Sodom and Gomora.

Citing a few singers who vacated gospel into secular like Ringtone, DK Kwenye Beat, Willy Paul and Bahati, the funnyman Eric Omondi said these were big profiles decades ago but have been engaged into scandalous activities more than original secular musicians.

He claimed: “The gospel industry has failed us. Willy Paul, DK Kwenye Beat have dirty scandals…more than musicians in the secular industry.”

According to Eric Omondi, Kenya despite being identified with gospel music years back, has lost it’s spiritual touch with God and he sounded saddened with that.

He added.

“The gospel industry was the identity of Kenyan music, but we lost our touch with God and the church has let down Kenyans.”

He further popped nose into other big names like Mercy Masika, Gloria Muliro, Daddy Owen, and Eunice Njeri among others. For this group, Eric queried why it has taken them abnormal period of time so that they can produce songs of again.

While touching unto individual artist life, Eric Omondi also slammed both Jimmy Gait and Bahati saying Jimmy is dusted into taking women to Saudi Arabia for work where majority are mistreated.

He also launched his attack on Bahati’s involvement into politics of this nation.

“Wachana na politics and come back to God. Give us songs that are inspired by God and influence the youth,” he added.

As for Mr Seed who has lately been publicized by his baby mama Liz Sonia for parental negligence, Eric described the gospel artist as being the top cream of immortality.

“The most immoral people in Kenya are former gospel artistes. Return to God! You’ve turned Kenyan into Sodom and Gomorrah.” Said Eric Omondi.


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