Anerlisa Muigai Slams Ex- husband Over Remarks That He Never Enjoyed Their Marriage

Kenyan entrepreneur Anerlisa Muigai has fired back to her her ex-husband Ben Pol moments after the Tanzanian singer recounted how he did not enjoy his failed marriage with her.

Ben Pol in an interview with Ayo TV said their marriage was not a great experience like he sees with other married couples.

The musician went on to narrate that their marriage was only good on social media and photos but he never got to experience things such as having children together, bringing them up or other experiences enjoyed by married couples.

In response to the aforementioned, the Keroche breweries heiress has said that it was not right for Ben Pol to foul polish her to the world but at the same time sending her messages that say otherwise,what she termed as the singer not being honest with himself.

” Ben naona umenizoea and you have taken my silence for weakness. You’ve always had the right to tell the interviewer not to ask about me. Why are you always making me look bad yet undercover you send me messages different from what you talk.”

Anerlisa also said how there are a lot of things she would have chosen to tell the world but chosen not to.She dared him to send screenshots of what he has been telling her since December to January and warned him to stop talking about her.


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