Edith Kimani’s Latest Kiss: Is Larry Madowo Wedding in 2023?

Kenya’s son Larry Madowo who currently works at CNN, enjoys nice moments with Deutchewelle’s Edith Kimani at the start of this year, leaving eye brows of their fans highly raised.

Beautiful Edith Kimani finally leaked photo of themselves to their fans, captioning it with sweet heartwarming writings.

“New year. Same me. Same bills. Same love.@larrymadowo amechange wallet lakini, so new spend.” Read in the four sentences caption.

In the photo, she is seen breaking Larry’s arms length to give him a kiss on his hairy cheeks.

Larry comfortably looks obsessed by the kiss not to want less. In return, he is all over smiles, a sign of a man in the box of a lady.

This has raised their social media ‘in-laws’ up from their seats to demand to be told what has been going on behind the curtains.

Majority of their virtual fans even push Larry to do something sooner in the course of the year, making fun to be given the wedding till number to channel their contributions.

For a long time, Larry has been known as one of the most eligible bachelors in Kenya despite the available rumours fast spreading over social media, like nimbus clouds at the onset of rainfall, that the duo have commonness with their souls.

Fans have however been lacking a genuine zone to verify their facts about the two, bearing in mind that Larry and Edith smartly play their love cards.


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