Why Ben Pol Says He Never Enjoyed Marriage With Ex-wife Anerlisa Muigai

Almost two years after their divorce,bongo flava singer Ben Pol has yet again revisited his failed marriage to Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai.

This time round the ‘Moyo mashine’ hitmaker says his marriage to Anerlisa for 11 months was not as enjoyable as it is the case with other couples seen online,and as hoped for a virgin marriage.

In a candid interview with Millard Ayo, Ben Pol labelled his marriage to Anerlisa as purely a social media aesthetic union.

“If I am to be honest with you, if you removed the Instagram posts we used to put up about our marriage, there is nothing really good that I enjoyed or experienced about marriage like I see of other couples,” Ben Pol says.

It is no doubt the couple served an enviable couple goals on social media, documenting every one of their escapades in and around the globe.

The ‘Moyo Mashine’ hitmaker says he feels their marriage was mostly about documenting their moves on social media to paint a picture of a happy union, yet that wasn’t the case in reality.

“For us, our marriage was pure aesthetics. It was all about taking pictures and writing colorful captions and nothing much. I don’t mean to demean anyone but in my opinion I feel like I got into a situation to complete someone’s idea of being perfect.”He added.

The singer filed for divorce in April 2021 which was finalised late last year.


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