MP Oscar Sudi Condemns Gay Rights After Brutal Murder Of Gay Rights Activist Edwin Chiloba

Kapseret Member of Parliament Oscar Sudi has condemned gay rights activism, arguing that it goes against African cultural norms.

The lawmaker appealed to the members of the community and Kenyans at large to stick to the African norms and shun what he termed as the ‘bad’ western culture lifestyle and an abomination in the African society.

“As leaders, we are strongly condemning such lifestyle. If you want to engage in such evil thing, please do elsewhere. . .I was surprised that these gay rights activists are not condemning the murder but because the deceased was gay,” noted Mr Sudi.

Sudi’s comments comes days after Edwin Chiloba, an LGBTQ activist’s body was found dumped in Kipkenyo, a suburb within Eldoret town.

“Everyone should listen to me; our good Kalenjin culture abhors such evil culture. Our Kalenjin culture talks about children going to school, then getting married and having children and your children will do the same and also have children,” said the MP.

“Nowadays there are a lot of evil things going on that man and man are dating and even a woman and a woman dating. . . this is evil. those doing it if their parents did it, they won’t have existed.”

While referring to the death of Chiloba, Sudi stressed on why LGBTQ rights should not be put up with at all.

“There is a young man who was murdered because of issues to do with gay rights. There are claims that he was murdered because of love triangle. . .. this is evil that is happening in US and other places and must be condemned.”He said.


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