Shakib Finally Responds to Claims that Wife Zari is a Husband Snatcher

Zari Hassan’s new toy boy lover Shakib has eventually responded to a US based lady going by the name Nalule Shamirah Sembatya, who claimed that Zari is a husband snatcher.

Nalule Shamirah prior to the beginning of 2023, took social media into a surprise mode after sharing marriage documents that affirm that she is the legit owner of Shakib and that they officially married in 2016.

While proving her claims, the socialite, popularly known as Mimi, even disclosed the US Visa which she processed for her husband Shakib in 2017 that allowed him to pay he a visit.

However, after going through moments of long silence, Shakib has decided to bring clarity on the matter days after Zari trashed the speculations terming them clout chasing.

Shakib wrote, “None of these social media s**t matters. Be a solid and good person in real lifeā€¦”

Since Zari and Shakib tied the knot, agreeing to share a soul, the two have proven to their followers that love exist and surpasses every boundary; with Zari going even further to silence critics poking on their age difference.

A section of fans have been pointing fingers at Zari’s choice of men she dates, the fact that her ex husband Diamond Platinumz was also younger than her, similar way Shakib is.


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