From Kajala to New Catch: Harmonize Introduces New Girlfriend

32-years old Rajab Abdulkahali Ibrahim known popularly by a stage name as Harmonize, turns social media into discussion as he introduces new lover in town days after Official breakup with fiance Frida Kajala.

The Tanzanian Musician and songwriter, shared amazing cute photos on social media with the new soulmate called Feza Kessy.

In the photos, the two lovebirds are seen enjoying at the shore of some beach, feeling the oceanic breeze. He then captioned the photos with two heart emojis which represents romantic love.

Following the fallout between Harmonize and Frida, Harmonize claimed that ladies have been flocking his lane in pursuit for his void heart. Perhaps, the new lover was among the herd but is the lucky chosen lamb.

This came a few days after Frida cursed herself for turning back to chew the trashed sugarcane.

She blamed herself for being blinded in love despite finding out that her fiance Harmonize salivated and panted heavily for he daughter like a wild dog.

However, Harmonize and Kessy now seems to have moved on and they look ready to install boundaries of love, set their couple goals and try as much as possible to accomplish them henceforth.

On the other hand, the fans of the dancer are much eager, with a growing interest established on to finding out more about the new girlfriend Feza Kessy.


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