Water CS Alice Wahome Bemoans Kandara’s Low Voter Turnout

Alice Wahome, the cabinet secretary for water, has urged Kandara electors to cast their ballots before 6 o’clock. Speaking after having just cast her ballot at the Muruka Primary School voting place, Wahome voiced her concerns on the small turnout of voters.

“The flow is really sluggish. She told media, “I just voted, and it took me less than two minutes to finish the process.

She urged voters to cast their ballots while there were few people in the polling place rather than waiting until late when they might find themselves in lengthy lines. She pleaded with the villagers, stating that it was their constitutional obligation, to make sure they voted for the candidate of their choice.

“This is a by-election, and we know that by-elections typically present obstacles, but given that we must replace the MP, who is me, having vacated the seat, I would desire a good turnout,” said the candidate.

“I’m appealing to the people of Kandara to take their duty to cast ballots seriously,” I say.

She said that there had been significant mobilization in the district and expressed confidence that the number of supporters would grow over time. She stated that she had anticipated seeing a large line of voters and was astonished to see none at all at her polling place.

“We have a chance to choose the next MP for the Kandara Constituency. Staying in or waiting until later in the day, when lines would be longer, is not acceptable, the speaker said.

Wahome, on the other hand, commended IEBC for conducting a well-planned exercise.


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