Njugush Shares Hilarious January Tip on How to Propose to Lover Using Cabbage

Funny man Timothy Kimani famously recognized as Njugush, has come out with a brand new hilarious tip on how to romantically propose to a lady this January.

The 31-years old comedian who has in the recent past become an internet sensation due his comic videos, took to his Instagram page another video, which displays him on the bed full of green cabbages and bougainvillaea flowers.

In the Video Njugush is seen comfortably enjoying the company of the green cabbages, lying in between without any worry at all.

He arguably poke fun sounding to be mocking those wasteful netizens who might have overspent in the previous month December, 2022.

The comedian however believes January is not going to be easy for such people but believes that it’s only farmers who currently enjoys life.

This is as a result of the fact that majority of the farmers across different corners of the country are now eyeing harvesting, and will be walking pocket-filled this new month unlike the non-farmers.

He captioned the video:

“How to propose this January kwa kadame kako kabichi… You need to saladnade her.”

On the other hand, Njugush who has managed to accrue millions of followers across his social media handles, funnily believes that finances have dipped for the office-working classes as they await February salaries to settle down.


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