Brian Ogana’s Ex-girlfriend Raises Eyebrows After Making This Post

Dyder Abdallah, the beautiful ex-girlfriend of former Maria series actor Luwi Hausa formally known as Brian Ogana, has recently caught attention of online fans after she made a post of Mr Ogana on Instagram flowering it with a love song.

The two made the first step of a journey of thousands miles earlier this year, when Mr Ogana irresistibly engulfed the heart of Dyder with a romantic birthday message. His vibe was a hook baited with fatty love, very inescapable it was for the Sanura series actress who had no option.

In June this year, the breakup news, like unseen molecules of a gas penetrates everywhere on the earth, quickly reached out to fans online. Unfortunately, not anyone of them was willing to justify their reasons for breaking up despite the goals and plans the duo shared.

Nonetheless, lost must be found. The Sanura series actress has not hidden the fact that she still loves Brian Ogana. Onto the Instagram photo that she posted, she captioned Brian’s name and felt it’s not enough without adding some emojis of a growing heart.

For experts in chatting, an emoji of a growing heart is usually used during texting, to show that feelings between lovers are growing pleasurably.

The most evident part is tied to the kind of the message of the song she attached on the post. It was Zuchu’s song dubbed love featuring Nigerian singer Adenkule Gold. In the song, one committed partner pleads to the other not to leave them, because they’ll be so lonely without them.

Is it a sign of reunion?


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