Tiffah Mounts Pressure On Zari, Wants to Live With her Dad Diamond Platinumz

Diamond and Zari’s daughter Latifa Dangote, who is popularly known as Tiffah, hints on her desire to spend the festive season of Christmas with her dad adding that she would not mind staying in Tanzania henceforth.

Tiffah, despite her age bracket, is a famous celebrity with huge number of followers in her social media accounts having gained millions of followers in her first month of birth.

The kid’s social media accounts have been actively engaging followers through posts from birth time to-date, something that Zari once explained that her daughter nowadays does by herself.

Today on her Instagram account little Tiffah has shared a video talking about Christmas preparations with her mother Zari . On the video clip, she didn’t hesitate to query her mother for permission to fly in a private jet to Tanzania with the intention of being with her dad, Diamond Platinumz.

Like it is the norm, co-parenting demands more energy, so Zari couldn’t resist Tiffany’s push thus she accepts to let Tiffah reach out to her dad, should they have this holiday spent in Uganda. For Tiffah, the permission is not enough until her mother accepts to be happy for her dad for being wealthy.

Little Tiffah in the video, says she’s proud of her dad’s efforts that has seen his hard work being rewarded by becoming even richer


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