“I Am Not Part Of Illuminati But I Will Join If They Can Make Me The President Of Uganda”-Eddy Kenzo

Eddy Kenzo is no doubt one of the top notch Ugandan artistes who has risen to dynasty through his music career.

Well, just like alot of big names in the entertainment industry, Kenzo has on several occasions been accused of belonging to the mysterious secret society of powerful people that are said to control the world,that is the Illuminati.

In an interview with a local television station in Uganda,Kenzo had an opinion on the matter.

According to Kenzo, being called Illuminati is one of those things that hurt him most despite having been through hell in the early stages of his life.

“Honestly speaking,… by the time I became a musician, I had gone through a lot…so being abused didn’t use to bother me. But I started getting hurt when they start calling me things I didn’t understand, that I’m Illuminati, that he goes to Europe and hooks up with gays… those things hurt me a lot… because I had never heard about them,… there are things they accuse you of and you feel like the world is crushing down on you,” Kenzo said.

The musician went ahead to assert that he believes that Illuminati does not exist.

“I don’t think Illuminati exists, I’ve never talked to them. I first heard about the word Illuminati from people, and up to now I still hear about it from people. I tried to research about Illuminati and the information I found,… when I went to Google, was saying Illuminati is a group of rich people in America and that they are the ones that run the economy,” he said.

Kenzo however hilariously hinted that he would definitely be down for a deal with the secretive society if only they could grant him of Uganda’s presidency.

“I would want to be the president of Uganda, if they could give me the presidency, I would join…haha… but I don’t know where they are. Who doesn’t want to eat without working?” he said.


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