Florence Bore Faces Tough Questions As MPs Look For Answers To Kenyans Facing Challenges In The Gulf

Labour and Social Protection Cs nominee Florence Chepngetich Bore today appeared before the National Assembly Vetting committee as the process entered its final day.

The Former Kericho County Women Rep faced tough questions from the committee members as they focused on solutions and policies that she will put in place to solve the problem of Kenyans seeking employment abroad and ending up dead or mistreated.

 “ How will you, nominee ensured that those travelling to the gulf do not return to Kenya as dead bodies as has been witnessed in the recent past’’ asked Shollei.

What policies will you put in place to ensure employment opportunities are available to reduce the number of those travelling to Saudi Arabia’’ Mp Owen Baya posed.

The Former women Mp enumerated factors which include the liaison with the Saudi Arabia government to know the number for employees in their country and streamlining agencies tasked with ensuring the travel of the Kenyans.

However the members were relentless and dismissed some of the solutions and the sought concrete answers from the candidate who according to them has an task to ensure the safety of Kenyans working abroad, majorly the gulf.

The committee has retreated to discuss the report as Kenyans await the final list to be forwarded to the President.


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