KRG The Don And Stivo Simple Boy Bury Their Hatchet

A protracted internet feud between rapper Stivo Simple Boy and well-known Kenyan dancehall performer KRG The Don has finally come to an end. The beef was previously initiated Stivo after he termed the dancehall artist as a “video vixen” claiming that he would never collaborate with him.

When word spread about Stivo’s sentiments, KRG felt compelled to respond to the rapper. As he made it clear that he would never waste time arguing with the “Mihadarati” hitmaker, Bughaa described Stivo as a person with disability.

In the recent video shared by KRG on his Instagram page, the duo were all-smiles as they buried their hatchet. Following their mutual forgiveness, KRG pledged to assist Stivo, who is presently facing financial difficulties.

KRG announced his new friendship and said that the internet community was just making things worse because Stivo was a great guy. Declaring him to be the coolest person alive, KRG asked his followers to keep helping the rapper until he finds stability.

“I finally met Stivo Simple Boy kumbe you guys wanted me to beat him bure tu!!!! Yeye Hana maneno na MSANII WA RAIS KABISA!!!! From now onwards we are friends and you guys should support his hustle hadi akue stable truly,” KRG wrote.

The rapper was also questioned by the “Mambo Imechemka” hitmaker about the reason behind his earlier comments about him. Stivo argued that he was misquoted by internet users. Wrapping the whole conversation, KRG gifted broke artist a sum of Sh.5000 signifying a new chapter in their friendship journey.


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