Simon Kachapin Warns West Pokot Criminal Gangs To Keep Off County Assembly Matters

Politicians have been warned by Governor Simon Kachapin not to meddle in the internal business of the West Pokot County Assembly.

He asserted that staff disagreements were caused by criminal gangs that politicians had recruited to meddle with the assembly’s business.

When there are recognized security operations from the national government towards the county enforcement officials, who may perform such tasks, he stated, “I will not allow such groups as New Red Army or persons with personal interests to influence the business of the county assembly.”

He was alluding to earlier incidents in which hired thugs would storm the gathering and cause mayhem, saying that such behavior would no longer be permitted.

He claimed that his administration is committed to fostering stability and raising the caliber of services provided to West Pokot citizens.

Mr. Kachapin warned the members of the County Executive Committee (CEC) who had just been sworn in not to engage in corruption at the expense of growth.

He stated that the county and national governments will collaborate on peacebuilding to support regional development.

“Our region continues to have problems with its water supply and transportation infrastructure. We need to address concerns like food insecurity, a high rate of malnutrition, and inadequate health care, he added.

Assembly Speaker Fredrick Kapkai Plimo stated that CEC members should expect the legislative body to perform its oversight function, and that the two branches of government will cooperate peacefully.

“When CECs are summoned to appear before the committee, please come,” he urged.

County Commissioner Apollo Okello asked county leaders to assist the governor in following through on campaign promises.


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