Mithika Linturi Says He Is Worth 1.2 Billion Shillings

Mithika Linturi, the candidate for Agriculture and Livestock Development Cabinet Secretary disclosed that his net worth is estimated to be Ksh. 1.2 billion, but he anticipates reaching Ksh. 2.2 billion in a year.

On Friday, Linturi made the disclosure in front of the Committee on Appointments of the National Assembly, stating that his investments in real estate, possession of automobiles, participation in Sacco organizations, and ownership of stock in various businesses are the sources of his wealth.

“My financial net worth adds up to Ksh.1.2 billion,” Linturi stated, “which comprises my interests in numerous firms in this nation and other assets in Saccos.”

The developed properties, vehicles available for my personal use, the number of shares I own in the various Sacco institutions, including the Parliamentary Sacco, and directorships in various companies where I am one of the largest shareholders all add up to approximately Ksh.1.2 billion in my movable assets.

The former Meru senator further mentioned that he is a farmer who earns a good living from raising cattle and growing crops.

“The money I make from my businesses and rental income makes up my current incomes. I own a dairy farm with cows, goats, and sukuma wiki, and I anticipate making more than Ksh in the near future. He said, “I billion.

He continued by saying that after some of his creditors, including that of the government and the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC), pay him back for what he described as unfair prosecution, he expects to be worth over Ksh. 2.2 billion in a year.”

I have court judgments which have been taxed and not paid; one of these is money owed to me by EACC for improper prosecution. The government’s failure to pay for completed work is the other, and that is what adds up to more than a billion shillings, he said.


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