“Hauwezi  Perform Kwa Crowd Tofauti Kwa Kiswahili Pekee” Otile Brown Says Swahili Language Bars Kenyan Music From International Success

Kenyan artist Jacob Obunga popularly known as Otile Brown has issued now revealed why Kenyan Music and artists are never successful on international scale.

 The “I need you’’ hit maker hinted that Kenyan Music faces a lot of challenges including Swahili language which do not resonate well with international audience and thus low uptake of Kenyan music. He asserts that Nigerian artists are creative in using English language in their hits which makes them successful on international stage and perform better across diverse audiences.

“”The difference between our industry and in Nigerian Industry is the Language and we can’t compete with Nigerian on that”  Hauwezi  perfom kwa crowd tofauti kwa Kiswahili pekee” Said Otile

The artist who was a tour in the US jetted back to the country after successful shows and tours across various states in the US.


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