“Mungai Eve Used My Money And Dumped Me”-An Alleged GSU Officer Claims

A man who allegedly seemed like a GSU officer has released a clip on social media claiming that YouTuber Mungai Eve used him for money and dumped him.

In less than no time,the clip went viral in all social media platforms especially in twitter,provoking harsh and bitter comebacks from people who mainly consisted of men.

The majority of the comments sections portrayed women as insensitive to kindness accorded to them out of love by their male counterparts.The furious online audience that seemed extremely offended,said that it is never worth it to invest in a woman terming the “GSU Officer’s” lamentations as an example of what is happening to many Kenyan men.

However,Mungai Eve has been reached by a media station and in a revealed telephone conversation,she denied the claims stating that her lawyer has already taken up the matter and was handling it as she added that she has no clue who the alleged GSU officer is and that she has never met such a person.The phone conversation also revealed that the alleged GSU officer admitted to Mungai Eve’s lawyer that he was just clout chasing.

In a subsequent video,the “GSU Officer” confessed that he was just clout chasing with Mungai Eve’s name.He went ahead to express his apologies to her and to everyone saying that he is just a content creator and not a GSU Officer and that his earlier statements were merely jokes that should not be taken seriously.


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