“I am Lucky To Be Alive” Vera Sidika Says After Undergoing A Surgery To Restore Her Natural Body Shape

Socialite and business woman Veronica Mung’asia popularly known as Vera Sidika has revealed that she has undergone a surgery meant to bring back her natural body shape.

Through an Instagram post through which she showcased her new natural body,Vera explained that she had to go for the surgery due to what she termed as health risks and complications that were a result of the plastic surgeries she had undergone over the years.

“THE REBIRTH….This has been the hardest phase of my life,due to health risks and complications ,I had to do a surgery.It is still unbelievable but I’ve come to terms with it and love myself regardless.”She wrote.

The socialite and a mother of one went ahead to advise young women to learn to always themselves the way they are and to avoid social media pressure as it can land them in regrettable decisions as she confessed that with what she has had to go through,she will forever remain thankful to God for her life as she didn’t believe that she is still alive.

Vera has celebrated her new look saying that it’s a rebirth ,a new her and that it is her birthday.She then urged fans not to detach themselves from her ,instead they should continue loving and supporting her,adding that nothing has changed and she is still the Vera Sidika they know.

She has promised to be posting pictures and videos of her journey saying that it will serve as a reason as to why someone would give up plans to go through a plastic surgery.

“I will be posting my surgery journey videos here,for those who have been thinking of getting booty surgery or changing anything in their body,this might change your mind.”Read the caption of the post .


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