South Sudan: Two Ebola Concerns In Nimule Test Negative.

According to the South Sudanese Ministry of Health, tests on two samples of suspected Ebola cases that were taken outside of the nation for examinations came out negative.

After two individuals had Ebola symptoms and indications, samples were taken from Nimule in Eastern Equatoria and Yambio in Western Equatoria State.

According to a memorandum of agreement between the two countries, the tests were initially planned for a Ugandan laboratory.

The authorities were compelled to transport the samples to South Africa since the Uganda laboratory for virology was unable to process the samples quickly enough.

Both samples proved negative for the virus, according to Victoria Anib, the undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, who made the announcement this morning.The samples came back empty. There isn’t a confirmed Ebola case in the nation as of right now. Both of the samples that were taken and tested negative, according to Dr. Anib.

South Africa offered to perform the test for us, so it was done there. Two of the results were negative, which is quite reassuring for us.

Dr. Anib added that the ministry had received a warning from Shirikat on Monday, but that it “did not fulfill the requirements,” adding that “as of right now, there is no verified Ebola case in the nation.”

“This gives us a lot of comfort. These two cases have been recorded. One was found in Nimule, and another was found in Yambio; these two tested negative.

The government has ruled out four of the six suspected cases, referring to them solely as “alerts,” despite there being reports that the nation has reported roughly six suspected instances of the virus.

However, according to Undersecretary Anib, there is a second suspected case, and a sample is being prepared to be examined abroad.

She is urging people to exercise caution and refrain from disseminating rumors about the virus that have not been verified.


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