Tanzania Receives Its First Oscar Nomination After 20 years.

Ending Tanzania’s two-decade wait for an entry in the awards, a Tanzanian movie has been shortlisted for an Oscar.

The 95th Academy Awards’ Best International Film category has shortlisted the tug-of-war film Vuta N’kuvute, which is Swahili meaning “tug of war.”

The movie, which was released in Swahili and features a mostly black cast, depicts the tale of a young Indian-Zanzibari girl whose relationship flourishes thanks to a political uprising during the final years of British colonial control.”Finally, Tanzanian cinema’s future is in our control. Every day, a new generation of proud, intelligent, and audacious Swahili filmmakers emerges “Co-producer of the movie Amil Shivji shared a photo on Instagram.

Vuta N’kuvute made history by becoming the first Tanzanian feature film to ever premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2021. (TIFF).

Maangazi: The Ancient One, which premiered in 2002, was Tanzania’s first submission for an Oscar.

East Africa enjoys the Swahili Bongo movies produced in the nation.


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