Ruto Vows to Bring the Nation Together

The Supreme Court upheld William Ruto’s election as president of Kenya, and he has vowed to bring the nation together while assuring dissenting voices that they won’t be persecuted.

Additionally, Mr. Ruto stated that he would call departing President Uhuru Kenyatta to discuss the transition even though he hasn’t spoken to him in months.

Five years ago, the two leaders had a falling out, and Mr. Kenyatta had supported Raila Odinga, a former prime minister, in the presidential race.

The incoming president of the nation claims that he doesn’t find it offensive that Mr. Kenyatta opted to back his challenger.

In retirement, he will be treated with dignity and respect, just as Mr. Odinga will be when he leaves politics, he informed the departing leader.

Nobody will be victimized, attacked, or sent to jail for holding a viewpoint that differs from ours, Mr. Ruto vowed.

He expressed his appreciation for the Supreme Court’s decision to confirm his victory and said it marks the end of a drawn-out electoral process.


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