President Uhuru Finally Speaks to President-elect

The newly elected president of Kenya claims to have discussed the transition with outgoing President Uhuru Kenyatta over the phone.

They discussed the just finished election and the transition to democracy.

Mr. Kenyatta, who supported Mr. Ruto’s opponent Raila Odinga for the presidency, had not spoken to the newly elected leader since the general election results were announced on August 9.

After the Supreme Court declared him the winner on Monday, the president-elect gave a press conference and claimed that they hadn’t communicated in “months.”

The same day, Mr. Ruto was neither mentioned or given any congratulations for winning in President Kenyatta’s statement assuring a seamless handover.

In his seven-minute State House address, Uhuru Kenyatta neglected to name William Ruto, according to a twitter user. He is being childish and petty.

Another person responded, “Stop being ungrateful and Mr. President. Congratulate [Mr. Ruto] politely and proceed.

Next Tuesday will see the swearing-in of Mr. Ruto as president.


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