Ugandan ‘Nyege Nyege’ Festival Resumes As Planned, Government Calls Out Security To Act

Vision Group Chief Executive Officer, Don Wanyama has confirmed that the earlier cancelled Uganda ‘Nyege Nyege’ festival will proceed as planned.

The festival which is held to celebrate the achievements of Pan African received criticism from Members of the Parliament who questioned the misconduct observed in the past terming the event as a breeding ground for evil and sexual abuse.

State minister for tourism, Mr. Martin Mugarra argued that the festival is a hub of tourism where a thousands of people from within Uganda, across East Africa and Europe visit the country.

He confirmed that 8000 foreign had already booked tickets to attend the event thus help creating job opportunities to boost the economy while platforming new and emerging artists.

The organisers also defended the ban arguing that it is built on love, resilience and passion for music. According to their statement this year will witness a new special visual art installation with innovative stage designs, luxurious camping experience and new tourism activities.

The event is now scheduled to run from September 15 to September 18 on the shores of River Nile in Jinja District as earlier slated however, shareholders and security personnels have been deployed to act against any behavior misconduct.


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