After the closure of all schools today,as announced yesterday by the Education Cabinet Secretary Professor George Magoha. IEBC is expected to post the official voter regester to all 46,299 polling stations by the end of today.According to IEBC vice Chairperson Juliana Cherera the early closure of schools will help the commission to run a seamless exercise.Most of the schools are used as polling stations making them integral part in the election preparation.The decision to close the schools was made after the IEBC requested for enough time to prepare the polling stations before the General election next week on Tuesday 9th August 2022.”We are happy that the ministry of Education has announced the closure of schools.It will allow us to access the polling stations.”Cherera stated in a press conference yesterday.

In may,the IEBC gave eligible people the opportunity to check whether their biometric data was correctly documented in the register.Those who had problems with their data could make a claim to the registration officer at any IEBC office across the country with a valid National Identity Card or Passport.

The IEBC has stated that other strategic materials such as Ballot boxes and papers ,have begun and will be delivered to the respective voting centers by the end of this week.So far all Gubernatorial,Senetorial,Woman repsentative,Mp and MCA ballot papers have arrived and are being stored at the commission’s Warehouse.Only one batch of presidential ballot papers has arrived,with the other consignment expected to arrive tomorrow on Wednesday 3rd August 2022.

The IEBC is on its final round of General election preparations.IEBC has promised that the election will be conducted in a transparent manner.


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