President Ruto Joins G7 Summit and is Set to Meet Pope Francis in Italy

President William Ruto of Kenya made a significant arrival in Apulia, Italy, on Friday, marking his participation in the G7 2024 summit. This three-day gathering brings together the leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States, uniting efforts to address pressing global issues.

Amidst the summit’s extensive agenda, President Ruto is scheduled to engage in talks with Pope Francis, seizing the opportunity to discuss matters of mutual interest on the sidelines of the event. Notably, Pope Francis, in an unprecedented move, will address the G7 summit and engage in discussions with key leaders from various nations, including the United States, Ukraine, France, and India.

President Ruto’s participation in both the G7 summit and discussions with Pope Francis underscores Africa’s growing role in shaping global discourse, particularly on issues pertaining to technology, climate change, and conflicts. As articulated by State House spokesperson Hussein Mohammed, President Ruto aims to advocate for increased involvement of African nations in finding solutions to pressing global challenges, such as climate change mitigation and conflict resolution.

Moreover, President Ruto is poised to highlight Africa’s potential for sustainable development, emphasizing initiatives for green industrialization, digital innovation, and economic growth. This aligns with broader efforts within the African Union (AU) to spearhead reforms aimed at enhancing trade, fostering peace and stability, and promoting greater global engagement.

Some Lead Members of the G7 summit 2024

Looking ahead, President Ruto’s agenda extends beyond the G7 summit, as he is slated to participate in discussions on peace efforts in Ukraine at Burgenstock, Switzerland. This invitation to the Russia-Ukraine conflict summit underscores Kenya’s diplomatic relevance on the global stage, with Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi facilitating engagements between the European Union delegation and Kenyan authorities.

The Russia-Ukraine conflict summit provides a crucial platform for high-level deliberations on issues of global significance, including nuclear security, food security, freedom of navigation, and humanitarian concerns. President Ruto’s presence underscores Kenya’s commitment to contributing to peaceful resolutions of international conflicts and advancing multilateral cooperation on critical global issues.

President Ruto’s participation in the G7 summit and subsequent engagements reflect Kenya’s proactive stance on global affairs and its commitment to fostering inclusive dialogue and cooperation. As discussions unfold over the coming days, President Ruto’s interventions are poised to amplify Africa’s voice on the world stage and contribute to shaping a more equitable and sustainable international order.


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