School Tragedy: Vehicle Accident Injures Seven Pupils in Kakamega

LURAMBI, Kakamega County -A vehicle careened out of control and crashed into Eshilakwe Primary School’s playground on Tuesday, February 20, 2024, injuring seven pupils. The shocking event has once again raised concerns about road safety and the well-being of students in the region.

Reports indicate that the vehicle’s brakes malfunctioned, leading to the loss of control and subsequent collision with the school’s fence while children were enjoying their break time. Among the injured were six nursery school children and one pupil from grade four. Swift action was taken as they were rushed to Kakamega Referral Hospital for urgent medical attention.

The headteacher of Eshilakwe Primary School confirmed the incident, thankfully reporting no fatalities. Concerned parents flooded the school premises upon hearing the news, desperate to ensure the safety of their children. One parent shared her shock upon receiving the distressing call about her child’s involvement in the accident.

“I was shocked to hear that the vehicle went through the school fence and crashed into the kids while they were playing,” she recounted, echoing the sentiments of many parents who were gripped with fear and anxiety.

Detailing the sequence of events, the headteacher explained how teachers were alerted by the commotion as students started fleeing towards the road, screaming and shouting, causing widespread alarm. “It was around 9:30 am, and the pupils were playing outside during the short break when we realized the students running towards the road,” the headteacher elaborated.

This tragic incident comes on the heels of a similar event that occurred on February 13, where a student lost their life while three others sustained injuries after being struck by a vehicle outside Igunga Girls’ High School in Vihiga County. The students were crossing a tarmac road to attend their morning classes when the accident transpired.

Local authorities have launched investigations into both incidents, with residents expressing outrage at drivers’ disregard for safety regulations, particularly near school zones. Concerns about overspeeding and reckless driving persist despite the known proximity of roads to educational institutions.

“Out of the three students, two were stable enough to go home, while the other one will remain behind for further management of her injuries, as the way she is presenting, indicates severe damage,” Mbale Hospital Superintendent Zimbule disclosed, shedding light on the gravity of the injuries sustained by the victims.

As the community grapples with the aftermath of these tragic events, calls for enhanced road safety measures and stricter enforcement of traffic regulations have intensified. The safety and well-being of students remain paramount, with stakeholders urged to collaborate in ensuring that such incidents are prevented in the future.


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