Flaqo Comes Clean On Keranta’s “Pregnancy”

YouTuber and comedian Flaqo has refuted rumors that his girlfriend Keranta is expecting a child. The comedian has been receiving congratulatory messages over the past 1.5 years regarding the purported pregnancy.

The content creator posted a few screengrabs of anonymous people wishing him a happy fatherhood via his Instagram stories. Since Flaqo has not yet shared the child’s photo, one of them concluded that Flaqo was holding back from telling his fans the wonderful news.

The funny man responded by refuting the allegations and expressing confusion over how people could possibly think his girlfriend was pregnant. He questioned how a single pregnancy could go on for a year and a half. Along with a strict warning to those who are spreading the rumors, he clarified that he is not expecting a child.

“Been over one and a half years Bado napata congratulatory messages everyday even from people who know me personally, strangers and even some relatives. I stay wondering hii mimba kwani Iko bank I again interest na me ndio nililose interest?? Watu waache hii mambo ya rumass buana…not expecting any child,” Flaqo wrote.

Credits: Flaqo’s Instagram.

Theories on the couple’s possible pregnancy and impending first child together have been circulated among internet users. Flaqo and Keranta are accused of surreptitiously delivering their child and hiding it from the public.


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