Mystery Surrounds World Record Holder Kelvin Kiptum’s Final Hours

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have delved into the final moments of world record holder Kelvin Kiptum before his tragic demise. The investigation, led by homicide director Martin Nyuguto, unfolded a series of intriguing encounters that transpired on the night of Sunday, February 11.

CCTV footage obtained by the DCI portrays Kiptum’s movements across three distinct eateries, painting a picture of an evening tinged with mystery. The marathoner’s journey commenced at Alex Inn Restaurant, nestled along the Iten-Eldoret highway. Here, Kiptum engaged in conversation with a middle-aged individual before departing for his next destination.

The trail led to the Well Irish Pub and Restaurant, situated at Rupa Mall in Eldoret town. Accompanied by Rwandese coach Gervais Hakizimana and a lady identified as Sharon Cheruiyot, purportedly the sole survivor of the subsequent accident, Kiptum arrived at the establishment around 6 pm. Eyewitness accounts suggest a routine familiarity with the locale, hinting at Kiptum’s status as a regular patron. The trio exited the premises approximately three hours later, at 8:58 pm, en route to their next stop.

Grand Miarmir Guest House in Annex became the setting for Kiptum’s final meal. Arriving at 9:12 pm, Kiptum, his coach, and Cheruiyot indulged in a supper of meat and boiled bananas. A witness at the guest house recounted their brief visit, detailing Kiptum’s departure at 10:15 pm, mere minutes before tragedy struck.

Records from the guest house gate confirm Kiptum’s exit at 10:25 pm, preceding a fatal crash along the Eldoret-Kaptagat Road at approximately 11 pm. Cheruiyot, the lone survivor, refuted claims of mechanical failure, affirming the vehicle’s operational status. She recounted a chilling account of alerting Kiptum to the veering trajectory moments before the irreversible collision.

Law enforcement officials echoed Cheruiyot’s testimony, ruling out foul play in the accident. However, the circumstances surrounding Kiptum’s erratic movements and the subsequent crash continue to raise questions, shrouding the incident in an aura of uncertainty.

As investigations persist, the community remains gripped by the enigma surrounding the untimely demise of a celebrated athlete. Kelvin Kiptum’s legacy as a record-breaking marathoner now intersects with a narrative fraught with intrigue, leaving authorities and the public alike clamoring for answers in the wake of a tragic loss.


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