Drama:Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu Faces Eviction From Runda Home

Nairobi nominated senator Karen Nyamu and artist Samidoh’s baby mama is in hot soup over rent arrears. The senator was almost evicted from her rental by auctioneers due to pending rent payments running for months.

In a post shared by blogger and activist Simon Mwangi Muthiora on his Facebook page, auctioneers accompanied by few police officers invaded Nyamu’s Runda apartment as they demanded for the rent. In one of the video, the mother of three is seen being escorted by police officers out of the premises. However, it is not yet clear whether the politian and the auctioneers resolved the disagreement or not.

“DRAMA at Runda Graceline Villa as auctioneers accompanied by police attempted to evict Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu from her residence over an alleged rent dispute. Sources say Ms Nyamu has rent arrears running for months,” Muthiora wrote.

Credits: Simon Mwangi Muthiora’s Facebook.

The nominated senator has not yet commented on the issue or even cleared on what transpired to the witnessed drama. The full details of the auctioneers visit are yet to be addressed as people are yet to believe the allegations considering the caliber of the victim.

The online community flocked in the comment section to pour out their thoughts on the same. Some of them threw shades to the senator claiming that she has been faking her lifestyle while drowning in debts. However, some netizens did not judge her as they stated that they fully comprehended the situation as it can happen to anyone.


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